Zohr – The Future of Automotive Service

At The Investment Collective, we have been waiting for a company to develop a better way to fix and maintain vehicles.  Afterall,  two-thirds of Americans, including us, distrust their auto repair shops.  Pricing is confusing.  Maintenance and repairs can be difficult to schedule.  That’s why we were ecstatic to find out about Zohr.

Based in Kansas City, Zohr is focused on tires.  Need to fix a flat?  Time to rotate or replace your tires?  Start with Zohr.  Through their website, you can easily schedule tire maintenance or replacement.  A Zohr tire expert will come to the location of your choice to properly service your vehicle.  Pick a date and time, a location, like your home or office, and have your tires rotated or new tires professionally installed at your convenience.

Zohr’s pricing is simple and transparent.  Tire rotations and flat tire repairs cost $75.  For new tires, Zohr offers many brands ranging from economy to premium or performance tires, all sorted by clear list prices.  You will only be shown options that are available for your vehicle.  An online assistant is even available to help sort through any questions about general product comparisons, warranties, tire longevity and durability.

Zohr’s Founders, Komal and Anoop Choong, have been focused on the transportation industry for years.  From the time that they started re-selling auto parts out of their parents’ garage as kids, they’ve known that the market for automotive services is broken.  Komal left his job at SpaceX to start Zohr because he knew there was an opportunity to give customers what they wanted at affordable prices.

Zohr launched in Kansas City and recently expanded into the Dallas market.  If you are in these cities, check them out.  If not, keep an eye out for Zohr when they expand into your area.  You won’t be disappointed.

The Investment Collective is proud to be an early investor in Zohr.  We look forward to helping Komal, Anoop and their team to continue to build their business and tread a new path.

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