The Investment Collective and Bloomscape

When we decided to launch The Investment Collective earlier this year, we talked a lot about investing in ways to make the world greener. Smart cities, next generation automotive technologies, and solar tech advancements were common themes. One thing that we didn’t consider: houseplants.

Then we met Justin Mast, the CEO of Detroit-based Bloomscape and a descendant of five generations of horticulturalists. In just a few months, Justin and his team have built the best way to buy plants online (but don’t just take my word for it). Bloomscape allows you to sort plant options by size, amount of light available, pet-friendliness, and ease of care. Shoppers can even search for plants that are known to help clean the air in their home or apartment. Once purchased, your expertly packaged plants arrive in a few days with detailed care instructions.

More importantly, Bloomscape helps to take the guesswork out of caring for your plants. Many people, like me, need to build confidence in their ability to keep our newly purchased greenery alive. For this important task, Bloomscape leverages their “Plant Mom” (Justin’s actual mom, Joyce Mast, one of the many plant experts in his family) to help customers solve any plant care problems.

Bloomscape has the opportunity to be a premium platform for plants, a large market that is inadequately served by other e-commerce companies. This is just the beginning.

The Investment Collective is proud to be an early investor in Bloomscape. We look forward to helping Justin and his team to continue to build their business and community. The future is green.

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